Core Values

We’ve built our infrastructure and services to provide startup and mid-sized financial services firms what they need — from day-to-day IT and help desk support, to third party vendor management, to compliance and disaster recovery — so you aren’t just outsourcing your IT, you’re outsourcing your IT headaches.

  • Reliable

    We only choose people, vendors and products with a track record of performance and dependability.

  • Industry Compliant

    We develop the systems, documentation, and training materials needed to satisfy the requirements of both regulators and investors.

  • Resilient

    We implement systems architected to withstand the loss of a critical site, so an interruption at your office or our data center won’t impede the flow of your business.

  • User-friendly

    The best technology solutions are the ones you and your users never have to think about. They just work.

  • Secure

    We build systems to protect your data and your business against compromise or disaster, but we also have a plan for back-up and recovery if you ever need it.

  • Right-sized

    Each engagement is scaled to support the specific needs of your business. Our relationships are built on honesty and transparency, including providing you the level of detail you need, so you are in a position to make the best technology decisions for your business.

Proactive Platform

Because we focus exclusively on serving hedge funds, private equity, real estate and other investment managers, we’ve fine-tuned our platform to include exactly the security, performance, and support services uniquely required for an investment-grade IT solution. Our private cloud is built with best of breed technologies. Our data centers are geographically distributed in Philadelphia and Denver. And we partner only with third party providers with a demonstrated track record. In other words, we’ve built the ideal IT platform for investment managers so you don’t have to.

Full Service Outsourced IT

Most of our clients outsource their IT services entirely to Proactive Technologies. A single point of accountability means one phone number to call for IT issues, including telecommunications and third party vendor management. It is our job to resolve all your IT issues, no matter how small or large, no matter the source.

Think of us as your IT department, because that’s what we are.

Start up & Relocation

Establishing or relocating an office is exciting. Sometimes too exciting. Our job is to make that process easier and less risky by covering everything related to technology for you. We have managed hundreds of similar transitions so we leverage our experience in move planning, construction, telecommunications, cabling, and vendor management to get your technology set up efficiently and securely.

Business Continuity & Data Protection

Business Continuity

Many firms require instantaneous or near-instantaneous failover and real-time replication to be competitive and manage risk. We provide fully managed business continuity solutions designed to do just that—keep your business up and running. We collaborate with you to assess risk, analyze business impact, identify recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), and set budgets appropriate for your business.

We don’t just develop a plan. We document, review and test the plan, along with your team. We record the test results and we document the training. With Proactive, you and your investors will be confident that you are ready to respond to the markets at any moment. Now that’s a plan.

Data Protection

Unless we have a sound backup system in place, we don’t sleep at night. With backups made as often as every 15 minutes, plus multi-year protection, we can. Our programs protect against scenarios ranging from a corrupt file to a malicious employee, even if it takes months or even years to come to light. Our snapshot technology allows us to restore a single item or a complete server with ease.

All backups are maintained in at least two locations and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. Our team continuously monitors backups and regularly tests them to ensure that your data will be available whenever you need it.

Compliance & Due Diligence

Staying ahead of constantly evolving regulatory and compliance requirements for privacy, security and data retention can be challenging. We streamline the process by implementing solid technology solutions and operational management plans that are designed to meet regulatory requirements. We also advise our clients on typical and best practices for meeting ongoing regulatory requirements and implement a plan to do so. Finally, we create “audit-friendly” documentation to simplify an audit process.

Regulatory requirements for communications now affect nearly every financial firm, and yet, achieving compliance with all requirements—including retention, search-ability, audit trail, and WORM (write once, read many) technology to prevent tampering—is impractical for all but the largest firms to achieve in-house. Proactive Technologies provides comprehensive messaging compliance solutions to securely archive email, instant messages, social media, and Bloomberg Messaging communications.


Today everyone is more aware of the urgency of cybersecurity. As IT solution providers, we cannot take the threat to financial markets and investors too seriously. The risk goes beyond any single firm or investor, which is why we actively collaborate with the SEC and compliance teams to develop security standards that benefit the system as a whole as well as our clients.

Our Outsourced IT Plans Include:
  • Onsite support
  • Dedicated account teams
  • Service Desk
  • Network Operations Center/monitoring
  • Systems maintenance (patch, antivirus, daily backup checks, etc.)
  • Cost management/predictability
  • Avoid HR/recruiting issues
  • Access to a full-size IT department, with an enterprise-class range of skills
  • Sick/vacation day coverage – when the NYSE is open, our Service Desk is open
Our Expertise Includes:
  • IT project management
  • Coordination with architectural and construction teams
  • Pre-lease site evaluations
  • Cabling and IT room design and implementation
  • Telecommunications management
  • Technology systems relocation and installation
To ensure our link in the chain, Proactive’s core platform includes the following features:
  • Cisco Next Generation Firewall with intrusion prevention, advanced anti-malware and URL filtering
  • Web traffic filtering to block connections to malicious sites to prevent infections, disrupt botnets, block phishing and detect breaches
  • USB drive and file sharing blocking
  • Active Threat Protection powered by eSentire on Proactive’s private cloud
  • Antivirus and endpoint protection
  • Regularly scheduled and on-demand patch management
  • System generated hardware and software inventories on-demand
  • Remote wipe for mobile devices
Additional services available:
  • Active Threat Protection powered by eSentire for clients’ local networks
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Phishing testing
  • Online and in-person cybersecurity training
  • Advanced endpoint threat protection with behavioral analysis
  • Two factor authentication
  • Advanced mobile device management