Proactive Technologies Celebrates 10th Anniversary This Month

New York, NY – Proactive Technologies, a New York City and Los Angeles-based leading provider of IT services to hedge funds, private equity, and other alternative investment firms, this week officially celebrated their 10th anniversary in business after being founded in May 2007.

Currently servicing over 100 investment firm clients with personalized support, and industry expertise, Proactive Technologies has grown significantly during their first 10-years in operation.

“We are extremely grateful to be celebrating this milestone.  Proactive has always been about people – we are so grateful to everyone who has worked so hard to get us here and to all the clients who have trusted us with their business over the years,” said Dave Cava, Co-Founder.

Cava and the president, Jacob Cane, co-founded Proactive 10-years ago. They began their careers consulting for some of the world’s leading banks and exchanges, but shared a passion for developing long term relationships with small and mid-sized businesses.

“We believe that through optimized, simplified technology and a strong focus on end-user support, cybersecurity and compliance, we can continue to deliver services that exceed the expectations of a demanding client base.  I join with Dave in stating that we are incredibly thankful for our hard working staff and loyal clients, and I look forward to many more years in operation,” said Cane.

About Proactive Technologies

Proactive Technologies is a leading provider of IT services to hedge funds, private equity and other alternative investment firms. Proactive was founded in 2007 and currently services over 100 active investment industry clients. Proactive provides the attentive, personalized service of smaller firms while providing the depth, expertise, and suite of services of larger ones. The firm is headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with an office in Los Angeles.