About Us

We couldn’t call ourselves proactive and not be.

Industry Experts

Proactive Technologies was founded in 2007 to anticipate and serve the technology needs of investment managers. Serving over 100 financial services clients worldwide, today we are a leading provider of IT services exclusively serving hedge funds, private equity and other alternative investment firms.

Dedicated Account Teams

With dedicated account teams, we provide a clear point of contact and accountability for all aspects of our clients’ IT. Each team is staffed with a mix of expertise and seniority to address everything from the highest level environment and architectural strategy to day to day technical support. We get to know your people as well as your technology— providing clear communication, quick follow up, and attention to detail. And every one of our clients gets direct access to every individual on their support team. Because technology is a people business, too.

The Proactive Approach

The right solution in the right size

Because of our focus on financial management, we have the platform and partners required for an investment-grade IT solution for the industry. But, because of our experience and values, we also keep things remarkably simple. The Proactive approach leverages a combination of our private cloud services and the relevant mix of industry partners to provide the optimal solution for each client. We are firm believers in the power of an elegant solution.


Proactive’s founders began their careers consulting for some of the world’s leading banks and exchanges. After years of implementing elaborate systems in large environments, they learned that “more complex” did not always mean “better”. As a result, our goal is to design, implement and maintain systems that are simple, reliable and predictable.

Jacob Cane

President and Co-founder

Jacob began his career working with global financial services firms such as Reuters, State Street Global Advisors and JP Morgan Chase. During this time, Jacob also led significant corporate relocations, overseeing the build out of thousands of square feet of data center space and moves of over ten thousand users.

In 2001, Jacob founded an SMB systems integration and support practice to work with entrepreneurial organizations. Since then he has helped hundreds of firms, including over one hundred start ups, to define, implement and maintain IT strategies.

Jacob is a graduate of Columbia University.

Dave Cava

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Dave oversees all day-to-day operations of the company.

Dave began his technology career in 1999, advancing from intern to Service Desk Manager for a 140-person software company in 9 months. From there he held various systems administration positions, including work at the American Stock Exchange. In 2003 Dave took a position managing a small business tech support consulting team in New York City. In three years he grew that practice from four clients to 40 clients, moving on to form Proactive Technologies in 2007. Dave is also a sought after public speaker on the subjects of business, leadership, technology trends and spirituality.

Dave is a graduate of Wheaton College.


Based on years of due diligence and real world experience with a wide range of IT products, we have developed a short-list of preferred partners. The mix of technologies and partners we work with is therefore narrow enough that we have developed expertise on those products, but broad enough to allow us to tailor the right solutions for clients with diverse requirements and budgets. Consistent with our overall approach, we also stay open to collaborating with additional vendors of a client or customer environment warrants it.